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TOPIC: Merging documents

Merging documents 4 years 10 months ago #235

I've only found a way to merge the points from a single technique with their corresponding images with "Import Technique". This will leave me with two image mappings of the same image, the one I already had, and the newly imported ones with its points from the selected technique. The problem is that I can't merge the newly imported image with all its points with the image I already had in my document.

How can I do this? (merge the data points from two different images)
And is it possible to merge the full XML file with another one? not just technique by technique.

Thank you very much for the program
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Merging documents 4 years 9 months ago #238

Dear Alejandro,

If you want to import data from the same image the image has to have the same name in the two projects the "father" one and the one you are importing. This way the software recognize that the points belong to an already existing image.

If you import the points from an image that does not exist in the "father" project the software will create the image object and the link to the points. However you will have to remember to copy the image into the "father" project. Otherwise MOVIDA will search for it and it will not find it and you will get an Image that says something like "no Image found" with all the points. If you then copy the image to the correct path and reopen the project MOVIDA should find it without problems.

If it doesn't work for you, you can send me the zipped files of your project folders and I will try to see what is wrong.

Best Regards,

Dr. Anna Amat
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