Mock-up Data Base

Author: Dr. Anna Amat.

Research regarding the behavior of constituing materials of artworks is essential to preseve our Cultural Heritages.
Great efforts are being made to develop new, bypassing when possible micro-destructive analysis. Under this point of view, we can consider  investigations through laboratory mock-ups as an ultimate non-invasive approach. Mock-ups are created to reproduce real artwork material matrices using the original materials or following ancient recipes. These models can be put through a series of accelerated ageing processes that mimic real environments, thus reproducing degradation in reasonable time lapses. These investigations are performed using a multi-technique approach, generating loads of information at different stages of ageing and we need the proper IT tools to store, analyse and handle all the information.

This solution is developed using MySQL ang GWT and provides a database data management tool to store, search and analyse all the information from laboratory mock-ups and relate it to data from real artworks.