Kubelka-Munk Correction for Spectral Data

Author: Dr. Anna Amat.

When irradiated, the light emitted by fluorophores can undergo absorption by neighboring particles or self auto-absorption, resulting in a deformed emission spectrum. The emission maxima can be shifted and even new bands can be formed. As a consequence, the interpretation of the emission signal can be greatly compromised, leading to the wrong identification of the fluorescent materials.

This java application (KuMu App) performs the Kubelka-Munk correction of the emission spectra for the auto-absorption and for the absorption of the neighbouring molecules allowing to obtain a more meaningful spectrum.

The emission spectrum is related to the corresponding absorption spectrum and corrected using the Kubleka Munk theory. The spectra can be also corrected with a calibration from the spectrometer if necessary. Corrections can be performed file by file or massively if a lot of spectra are to be adjusted.

A document specifying the steps followed to perform the correction and the tutorial for this application are on preparation.

Software requirements: Java and JDK installed (1.5.x and above).