Author: Dr. Anna Amat

MOVIDA is a new and innovative tool for the data management and analysis of non-invasive investigations in the Cultural Heritage field. The software was developed due to the lack of an adequate tool able to manage all the heterogeneous data generated in a in-situ multi-technique investigation of an artwork. It allows to directly manage, store analyse and perform cross-comparison of all the data obtained with the techniques usually employed in a scientific investigation of an artwork.

Screenshot of the Mapping Image view of MOVIDA. In-situ investigation of The Taking of the Christ, Caravaggio, National Gallery of Ireland. Investigation performed by Molab within the activies of CHARISMA.


MOVIDA is a java-based software portable to the most common OS (Linux, Windows, Mac-OS) and can be installed on any computer to record, elaborate and analyse the data on-the-spot. The software not only allows for the digital preservation of all the information and knowledge, but can also be used as an analytical tool while the investigation is being developed. All the data generated in an artwork scientific investigation can be managed within the same application and the information can be easily consulted, compared and related to the corresponding areas of the artwork. The software is self-comprehensive and user-friendly and can be used by all the professionals involved in the investigation and preservation of Cultural Heritage whatever their background and computer skills are.

A part from the standard version of MOVIDA that provides the user with all the privileges (create/modify/delete), a limited version with restricted privileges has been built. This version, called MovidaUser, has only read privileges and can be delivered to the final users that do not need to manipulate the information of the investigation project.


Screenshot of the Query Search utility of MOVIDA. In-situ investigation of The Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife (1854), Daniel Maclise, Caravaggio, National Gallery of Ireland.  Investigation performed by Molab within the activities of CHARISMA.


Systems requirements: Java and JDK installed (1.5.x and above)